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How To Get Request Url In C#

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Modification for GET request working. public MyWebRequest(string url, string method, string data): this(url, method) {if (request.Method == “POST”)

Can anyone help out me in getting the URL of the current working page of ASP.NET in C#?

You can get Nant, a build tool like the old ‘make’, from http://sourceforge.net/projects/nant. Identifiers Identifiers are the names we give to …

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c# – Get url parameters from a string in .NET – Stack Overflow – I’ve got a string in .NET which is actually a url. I want an easy way to get the value from a particular parameter. Normally, I’d just use Request.Params …

Get domain name from URL How to Get host domain from URL? A URI (uniform resource identifier ) is a representation of a resource available to your application on …

Oct 15, 2012  · Describes some sample steps to make a GET request by using Visual C#

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